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We understand the shifting of our clients to achieve the solutions they desire. Our powerful evolution systems and consultancy services will allow our clients to easily adapt to changes in technology and economic conditions, increase profits and operational efficiencies, and add actual value to their business and client network.

How We're Working

Kick Off Meeting

We meet, we listen, we understand, and putting ideas to the table.

Requirement gathering

Knowing and understanding our customer needs, visions and targets are at the center of our successful journey business.


Once We have this knowledge, we use it to trigger our potentials into reality.

24/7 Customer help

Our simple message, we're there always at our customers' needs and meeting their high expectations.

Our system solutions and consultancy services are grounded on a dynamic partnership with our clients, a necessary combination of our strategic operational readiness and our client’s vision, mission, core values, and targets.

Customized Systems modeling made specifically for your business

At CoreSysPlus, we’re taking care of the start-up businesses as well as the big sharks. We place the same importance in each and every project with the same integrity, transparency, and professionalism.

Case Studies

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Let's maximizing your project possibilities to success.

It's never been about researches or proving that we are different only, but our case study feature allows us to scope into our customer's visions, targets, needs, and difficulties they encounter during their project operating. analyze all the data and reach to the best solution and plan that suite their projects.

Project open

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Project delivered

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We Transform How you do business.

Featured Services . . .

Serving as a liaison between the Business and Delivery Services to ensure business needs and requirements are understood, valued, prioritized, and communicated.

Core Systems Implementation

The banking services industry is experiencing rapid transformation, mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions are up and coming as the order of the day. In such a situation where banks are trying to act up with rapid dynamism


Consultancy & Quality Assurance

CoreSysPlus offers its implementation and consultation services from projects initiation and kicking off through orientation, deep-dive training, solution analysis, data migration, build, testing to drill, and Go-Live. 

Data Warehouse

Extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) are the two main approaches we use to build a data warehouse system that gives the best results to our clients.

Conversion & Migration

Conversion of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment, data is encoded in a variety of ways.

Testing & UAT

One of our last stages of the software development life cycle. We perform it after we have thoroughly tested the software as one of the most critical phases in any compliance technology project.

Regulatory Reporting

We submit and summarize data needed by regulators to evaluate our client’s operations and its overall determining status of compliance with applicable regulatory provisions.

Post Implementation Activities

We provide the activities that aim to continue adding value to our completed projects, ensure its effectiveness, and the actions required to maximize the benefits.

Technology & Business Training

We’re using the well-advanced systems, programs, and tools that help your resources to get the updates needed for improving skills, abilities, knowledge, and performance.

Systems Application Integration

We offer core systems integration with clients’ existing Interfaces and stand-alone systems either through middleware systems or point to point as finalized during the DRG phase with each client.

Project management

Sending our highly trained employees and software expert to continually interact with our customers team members to collect and gather the needed data onsite.

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