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Understanding the client’s target, vision, and hearing from him is our first step toward a new adventure, seeking a fully deep of understanding the business environment and all related. For that we always proud to meet, listen, understand, and putting ideas to the table.

Step two

Requirements Gathering

To study and understand clients’ existing and future business processes, the detailed Requirements Gathering Phase is the manner in which products and services are offered and delivered.

The primary objective of this activity is to get a deeper understanding of the current businesses such as type of products offered, features of these products and how they are defined and delivered through the existing technology platform, systems in other areas of operation, and integration with surround applications

Study and understand the products and services which are offered currently and future business needs with respect to the new system. This will enable to completion of the exercise more effectively and efficiently DRG is conducted in an open discussion format of, workshops, provision of detailed questionnaires, and participation of functional and technical experts from our side.

As a best practice, we share the draft copy of the Master Requirements Document after completion of each module to ensure all the requirements are gathered correctly, understandings, and assumptions that have been made are agreeable to the Parties.

As part of post-study activities, a gap analysis will be carried out to arrive at the solution approaches that may involve customization approaches.

Once we have this knowledge, we use it to trigger our potentials into reality.

Customization is an activity done in order to implement solutions that are agreed and signed-off with business stakeholders for the agreed gaps as described in Final GAP List including functional, non-functional,

Data Migration, Interfaces, Reports, and Field Level requirements.

The delivery of customization will happen as per the delivery plan agreed and can be changed on mutual agreement.

The scope of customization is limited to the gaps and interfaces, till the point the new Core System connected to the middleware.

We gain our reputation for being professionals, reliable, and caring about our customers not this easy. We always work hard to meet our client’s expectations and stand beside them whenever and wherever they need our help. For that, Our simple message, we’re there always at our customers’ needs and meeting their high expectations.

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