ICT Localization

With the advent of the ICT revolution, the emergence of the Knowledge-based societies, and the rise of the global economy, typical 20th century Localization was superseded by IT-based rendition, past limitations became obsolete, and interconnectedness, mass customization, and over-specialization emerged as the New Frontier in business competition.

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The mere phenomenon of economic migration brought close to one another populations of different backgrounds, identities, values and cultures. Languages thought to be totally unrelated and disconnected from one another in the past are being nowadays spoken by neighbors in some district of a megalopolis somewhere in the world

Having early realized the tremendous potentialities, we embarked on a mission of global dimensions to help markets all over the world grow to their full potential and cope with precipitated developments and exponential demand increase.

With a solid foot in Egypt, a land acknowledged as Home to Localization for at least four (4) millennia, we expanded our operations over five continents, servicing customers from more than 100 countries and languages.

We currently address all demands, and through deep understanding of the customer culture and specific needs, we carry out Localization customization in terms of fit, style, and functionality.

Looking at the years ahead, we see Localization becoming an inalienable part of the educational systems throughout the planet, and in this process we identify ourselves as instructors par excellence. We thus view in Localization the new, global form of educational value creation in which customers take a lasting benefit that exceed s our proper delivery.

The development–the influence the work exercises on the development of our customers’ business.

We have a wholeheartedly committed group of linguists and experts dedicated to delivering highly customized and services on time, every time.

Our delivery abides by the strictest quality standards in the industry, resulting in an excellent reputation for unsurpassed reliability. Our core competencies and diverse project management teams ensure successful project delivery even for the globally greatest translation projects.

We offer customers online accounts with passwords and login; this allows customers to view all their past and new projects. It also allows them to review pending translation projects online, in real-time, and submit eventual amendments and changes. This eliminates the need for email communication, thus saving time and increasing customer intimacy and confidentiality.

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