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Finacle Mobile Banking

unified solution to assist all needs of a customer

The Finacle Mobile Banking solution helps banks craft compelling digital banking experiences for the mobile-first generation. The solution combines outstanding functionalities with a well-designed user experience to promote financial well-being. With Finacle Mobile banking, banks can craft experiences tailored to the requirements of both retail and corporate customers. The solution is agnostic to the hardware infrastructure, and easily integrates with existing core banking systems, CRM solutions and other banking applications.

Finacle Mobile Banking comprises a channel orchestration layer and an elegant user interface (UI) available over a hybrid mobile app. The hybrid app helps banks to easily maintain and upgrade the code-base, while delivering a native-app like experience to customers. The channel orchestration layer helps drive consistent experience and optimized digital engagement across user journeys. The reference UI comprises elegantly designed, fully functional screens that can be easily customized or upgraded in line with the bank’s plans.

The Finacle Mobile Banking solution is an integral component of the Finacle Digital Engagement Suite. The suite also includes solutions such as Online Banking, Digital Engagement Hub and Mobile Teller. Being a componentized solution, Finacle Mobile Banking can be installed and upgraded as an independent application.

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