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A Risk Mitigated Transformation


A flexible core makes any kind of transformation – big bang switchover, or progressive deployment – simpler and faster, and supports all strategies, including comprehensive digitization, bank-in-a-bank, and digital-only bank. However, this must be achieved in parallel with adopting a solid approach for risk mitigated transformation.

The key three pillars of Finacle’s risk mitigated transformation approach are:

  • Reference bank models
  • Reference bank models for emerging and developed markets, packaged with global best practices, innovations, and localized solutions, enable implementation in record time.
  • Localization components built on top of the base product support regional requirements, for example, both federal and state requirements in 50 states in the U.S.


  • Progressive deployments and upgrades
  • The component design offers customers the flexibility to pick and choose system components, for example only the Finacle retail banking solution or a single module such as demand deposits.
  • Business priority mapping and value realization models continually assess transformation progress and outcomes


  • Agile delivery model
  • Designed to help banks practice agile implementation, wherein they can quickly deploy only the components they need at first and enhance them later as required.
  • Provides the capability to do continuous integration and continuous deployment.

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