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Open Banking in the post-pandemic world

The pandemic has changed all of our lives, these times are difficult not just because of social distancing, but because we’ve needed to adapt and change like never before. Suddenly, you couldn’t meet friends in person. Restaurants, stores, and bank branches closed, forcing people across all age groups to become familiar with many of the digital services that have been at their fingertips for many years.

Perhaps the true shock will come after the pandemic, when people want things to go back to normal. But things won’t be the same. Habits have changed. Many physical stores and bank branches will stay closed, as customers get used to the convenience of digital services – and even come to prefer the personalized experiences these can deliver.

The rapid transition towards digital services has driven a strong desire for streamlining onboarding and managing customers remotely with low-touch models.

Although many primary banking services have been accessible to customers via digital channels for many years, the pandemic has helped executives better understand where their offerings fall short and recognize the need to enhance them.

The rapid increase and penetration of digital services also means that systems need to be scaled up to support much larger volumes of traffic. In addition, with the digital interface becoming the primary interface for all customers, shortcomings in design and functionality are becoming more apparent. Services have needed to adapt to all types of users – whether they are tech savvy, or tech illiterate.

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